Who's Mama T?!

Hi, I’m so glad you found Mama T's Eatery! Thank you for joining me in my journey to bring all of my favorite things to you. My name is Lexi, also known as Ting and now MAMA T!  Find us cooking up some food on our truck in Boulder, CO & the surrounding areas!
I live in a small town just north of Boulder, Colorado. I moved to Colorado in 2013 from Southern California with no idea what I wanted to do. But, I always found myself creating in the kitchen. Three years later, I graduated from a small culinary school in Denver and then spent a month traveling and studying in Italy, where I graduated from a program at the Barilla Academy. Yes, just like the pasta!
This is where my passion took off. I was mesmerized by the rich history of food, herbs and traditions specific to regions around the world. I recognized from a young age and from my studies that this is what brought people together. And, I love that aspect of cooking. I felt a burning desire to share my passion with others and that’s when I decided to make an Instagram dedicated to my creations in my kitchen! When I wasn’t cooking at home or growing produce on my balcony, I was working within the food industry. From a prep cook to an assistant manager to a farm hand and everything in between, I’ve acquired skills and knowledge that have guided me to where I am today.
My goal is to inspire and bring others together through our journey. December 19, 2022 our beautiful daughter, Lily Jade, was born. She left this earth during delivery. She is what made me a Mama. The reason behind Mama T’s Eatery. She is our strength, hope and guiding light. When you support us you are not only supporting us, but the entire loss community. We hope to make her proud by continuing our journey. Thank you for your continued support and love. We miss and love you Lily.